Offensive Labs Index

  • Windows Empire Framework Scheduled Tasks
  • Windows Application Shimming
  • Windows RunDLL Outbound Connection
  • Windows Winlogon Helper DLL
  • Windows Ghost In The Logs
  • Windows Evading Sysmon and Windows Event Logging
  • Windows Parent PID Spoofing
  • Windows Kerbrute Detection
  • Windows LSASS Spraycatz
  • Windows Covenant C2 Story
  • Windows PowerShell Credential Prompt
  • Windows MSBuild In-Memory Code Execution
  • Windows Named Pipes Communication
  • Windows Playing with Integrity Levels
  • Windows BITSadmin Detection
  • Windows New Firewall Rule Detection
  • Windows Sharpshooter + SMB Named Pipe Pivoting
  • Windows RDP Session Hijacking
  • Windows In-Memory Powershell
  • Network LDAP as C2
  • Network IDS alerts
  • Network ICMP as C2 Channel
  • Network DNS Rebinding
  • Network DNScat Tunneling
  • Network HTTP2 C2 Channel
  • Network DNS AAAA C2
  • Network DNS AXFR Payload Delivery
  • Network Slack as C2
  • Network SSH over
    Google Drive
  • Network Payload in X509
  • Network Playing with DNS over HTTPS
  • Network Pivoting and Pwning over HTTP Socks Proxy
  • Network Octopus C2
  • Linux ELF Injection
  • Linux LKRG vs Suterusu
  • Linux Reverse Shell from Kernel Space
  • Linux Hunting for Reverse Shells
  • Linux GDB Shared Library Injection
  • Linux Apache rootkit vs OSQuery
  • Purple Metasploit

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ING Tech

Thank you for a DEMO access. In general, the PurpleLABS environment delivers many different possibilities. The lab scenarios are in step by step style so it's very nice to go through them and gain advanced knowledge from red and blue scope. It's definitely a unique product in the market, dedicated for Purple teams. I evaluate it as 9/10 after the first contact with the product.


I had a chance to take a test drive-through on the PurpleLabs. Interesting tasks, current techniques, clear description, that’s what you find there. I recommend to check it out.


From my perspective, the access to a fully functional test infrastructure which has all the components for Blue teams is very useful and time saving. It's difficult to prepare such infrastructure in home labs, and sometimes there are no conditions in the company to spend a time on it setting up all important solutions and data sources. Big plus for labyrinths, very simply presented lab samples, to understand the ideas of individual attacks and then be able to look at the previously mentioned blue blocks how to "catch" individual TTPs.


To be honest, I have no criticisms, it's just a great solution. Very nice infrastructure, documentation and lab content. Well prepared, ready to use lab scenarios, references to additional materials. The user is led through the lab step by step. Nicely done!


On our part, we have very positively rated PurpleLabs within our internal team. It is a training platform with possibilities that we have been waiting for a long time.

Abu Dhabi Government Entity

I believe this platform will be very beneficial to myself and whoever wants to build their skills in blue/red or purple teaming.

Participant of 44CON

That was one of the most exciting Security training I have attended in the last few months. The scope of the training materials and Leszek’s approach are so great that I would like to spend more time to study the materials.