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You need to know more than just a little about Linux #2 - Blue Team perspective

- By Leszek Miś

This is the 2nd short post talking about the need for Linux security skills from the Blue Team/SOC/DFIR perspective in the form of questions. All of these 3 posts together represent a full picture of the hands-on skills and experiences you can gain with PurpleLabs.

Every Blue Teamer/SOC DFIR analyst needs to know more than just a little about Linux, so if you always wanted to know, ex:

  • how to analyze /proc? 
  • how to trace process injection and execution from in memory?
  • how SELinux or other LSM can help mitigate remote exploitation and do early-level alerting?
  • what is a control flow integrity checking and how to use LKRG?
  • how to use runtime security tools for container/Kubernetes envs?
  • how to detect hooked functions?
  • how to detect hidden kernel modules and network connections?
  • how to track parent-child process relations?
  • how to Yara scan your Linux boxes at scale?
  • how to use different SIEM engines and how to find the hunting context?
  • how to run memory forensics?
  • why Sysmon/Falco telemetry works great with Zeek, Suricata, and Arkime (Moloch)
  • how to catch Sliver and other C2 frameworks
  • how to learn from Linux Sigma rules detection logic
  • see why depth/offense in depth is important?

then it means you've come to the right place. Grow up your skills with PurpleLabs!

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