We deliver Incident Response,
Detection Engineering,
Threat Hunting and Hardening services.

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We perfectly understand that you need more than a single security solution to protect your company from cyber crime. With Defensive Security, you just know that we cover most of your cyber security needs - from consulting, advanced solutions and implementations to educational services. Our powerful knowledge meets your strategic, operational and tactical needs, from low-level OS internals, through SOC activities ending up on highly secure web and cloud solutions.

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When it comes to avoiding the security problems, it is necessary being not only security-aware but smarter than attackes as well. Leszek, for sure appears to be the one to comply both criteria - he is the smartest and the most alert man of Linux security I have ever met. He creates environments having very important principle always in mind: "Secure by design".
He is an expert in security and training, who possesses wide knowledge and a lot of experience. I highly recommend Leszek Miś. May the Force be with you!

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