Core Components

EXFIL Director VM

The core of the platform - security event simulation engine - is a combination of advanced network exfiltration, tunneling and pivoting techniques running in distributed architecture.

EXFIL Jobs Library

Built-in repository with ready to exfiltrate true examples of DB dumps, passwords, keys, certificates, emails, calendars, docs, source codes and many other data structures.


Distributed, multi-node architecture allows for running eXfiltration tasks between multiple network segments.

Knowledge Base

Dedicated Wiki based on MITRE ATTACK Framework.

Web UI

Central Web-based administration and orchestration console for managing single or multi-node environment and playing with defined eXfiltration jobs.

C2 Cloud Infrastructure

Dedicated C2 infrastructure hosted in the cloud eliminates the need to install and maintain hundreds of tools, dependencies, IPs, domains and argument operations.


  • Server as Client - all-in-one single node VM
  • Includes a basic set of available eXfil features
  • Single traffic direction only (internal to external)
  • Shared C2 Cloud Infrastructure
  • Knowledge base included
  • Dedicated for IT Security Presales activities

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  • EXFIL Director VM as head of job execution
  • Includes full set of available features
  • Distributed, multi-node SSH-based job execution
  • Multi-direction traffic (int2ext, int2dmz, dmz2ad, ad2mgmt, ad2ad, int2int, etc.)
  • Custom C2 features on request
  • Dedicated C2 Cloud Infrastructure
  • Knowledge base included

See Features & Pricing

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