In & Out eXFIL Platform

The Core

The core of In & Out eXfiltration Platform is an engine powered by a combination of advanced exfiltration techniques including tunneling and pivoting jobs. It can be run in single or multi-node architecture using a wide range of protocols and services, APT-style modules and C2 tricks. Dedicated Command and Control infrastructure included.

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Web UI

A built-in EXFIL Jobs Definition Library allows for choosing and running sophisticated network behaviors easily by using friendly, dedicated web UI.

Single or mutliple jobs

Choose between simulation of single job on demand or you can schedule chained eXfil job events for running advanced campaigns in continuous manner.

Real Traffic

It generates a real traffic of all phases of sophisticated attacks, including malware C2 connections, data exfiltration, tunneling and pivoting between critical network segments.

Real Tracing

Virtual console for a real-time tracing (full output) of running exfiltration jobs and access to the raw C2 output.

In the Cloud

Simulated C2 infrastructure hosted in the cloud eliminates the need to install and maintain hundreds of tools, dependencies, IPs, domains and argument operations.


Dedicated dashboard with history of completed / failed tasks ready to track your red teaming activities.

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