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Key Features

  • Part of the hands-on consultancy services
  • Strategy-driven network adversary simulations
  • Initial core setup customization if needed
  • Full visibility across ordered tasks
  • Hand-on service extension on demand
  • Faster and structured network security tests
  • Security analytics and hardening recommendations
  • Shared cloud-based only
  • Includes basic set of available features
  • Click and learn how the platform works
  • BRO/Suricata detection examples
  • No installation process needed
  • Limited 7 Days Access only
  • Business Email Accepted only
  • No Credit Card needed
  • VM-based installation setup
  • Single-node deployment
  • Includes extended set of available features
  • Internal to External traffic direction only
  • From 30 Days Subscription Access
  • Dedicated C2 environment per customer
  • Business Email Accepted only
  • VM-based installation setup
  • Multi-node communication
  • Includes full set of available features
  • Multiple Traffic Directions
  • Development of custom C2 features on request
  • Dedicated C2 environment per customer
  • From 30 Days Subscription Access
  • Business Email Accepted only


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DNS MX File Transfer

DNS Proxychains

DNS AXFR Payload Delivery

DNS DGA Behavior

DNS Anomalies

DNS over HTTPS / DoH File Transfer

Web DAV File Upload

ICMP File Transfer

NFS File Transfer

SSH Command Execution over 1/TCP

Plain Text File Transfer over 65000/TCP

TLS Long, Random CN over 443/TCP

Open HTTP/SOCKS Proxy Connections

HTTP Web harvesting


DNS Version Grabbing

DNS AAAA File Transfer

DNS TXT FIle Transfer

DNS SOA File Transfer

QUIC File Transfer

Malicious User-Agent Connections

SSH Tunnel over 22/TCP

SSH Tunnel over 60000/TCP

SSH Command Execution over 80/TCP

Telnet Connection over 23/TCP

Telnet Connection over 22/TCP

HTTPS File Transfer over 80/TCP

Websockets File Transfer over 443/TCP

HTTP Chunked Data Encoding over 8080/TCP

HTTP E-tag File Transfer over 80/TCP

HTTP2 C2 / Data transfer

LDAP Anonymous Bind

LDAP File Transfer

Torrent Connections

Slack File Transfer

Twitter C2

Github C2

Pastebin C2

Dropbox C2

Gmail C2

SMB Hash Leakage

SMB Many Writes

WMI Connection

Web Application SQL Injection over 8082/TCP

Web Application Brute Force over 8081/TCP

SSH Brute force over 22/TCP

TLS Valid Until

TLS Valid After


SSL Heartbleed

TOR Connections

UDP File Transfer over 6969/TCP

RDP over 3389/TCP

RDP over 33389/TCP

RDP over 22/TCP

RDP over 80/TCP

IRC File Transfer

SSLv2 Connection

IP Poor Reputation Connections

Firefox Send File Transfer

NAT bypass / ngrok

NTP File Transfer

DNS Rebinding

DNS Domain Fluxing

DNS Local Domains Searching

Extra . in HTTP 200 response

HTTPS Replace certificate

HTTP Cookie File Transfer

Meterpreter Reverse Shell Connection

Empire Reverse Shell Connection

Port Scanning

Set of Outbound connections on default ports from real clients

Set of Outbound connections on exotic ports from scapy

TCP / UDP Anomalies

Compressed data on the wire in plain text

WAF bypass connections

Leaked CC simulation

Leaked PESEL simulation


SNMP File Transfer

SMTP Spambots activities

FTP MKDIR File Transfer

BGP Data exfiltration

WebUSB File Transfer

AD Reconnaissance / AD Snapshot

Bloodhound artifacts

Golden Ticket

Silver Ticket


DCsync / DCShadow

Mimicatz automation

Pass The Hash




RDP wrapping

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