Offensive Labs Index

The updated list of walkthrough labs is available **HERE** as Google Spreadsheet. By default, all lab scenarios have been categorized by Tactic:

  • Initial Access (TA001)
  • Execution (TA002)
  • Persistence (TA003)
  • Privilege Escalation (TA004)
  • Defense Evasion (TA005)
  • Credential Access (TA006)
  • Discovery (TA007)
  • Lateral Movement (TA008)
  • Collection (TA009)
  • Command and Control (TA0011)
  • Exfiltration (TA0010)
  • Impact (TA0040)
  • Breach and Attack Simulations
  • Forensics

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I had a chance to take a test drive-through on the PurpleLabs. Interesting tasks, current techniques, clear description, that’s what you find there. I recommend to check it out.

Santander Bank

On our part, we have very positively rated the PurpleLabs within our internal team. It is a training platform with possibilities that we have been waiting for a long time.

Abu Dhabi Government Entity

I believe this platform will be very beneficial to myself and whoever wants to build their skills in blue/red or purple teaming.


To be honest, I have no criticisms, it's just a great solution. Very nice infrastructure, documentation and lab content. Well prepared, ready to use lab scenarios, references to additional materials. The user is led through the lab step by step. Nicely done!


I wanted my team to experience something new, different. I wanted SOC analysts to learn practical ways to bypass security and data exfiltration and learn to detect them and learn the techniques of attackers who could already break the security and work inside. And then Leszek appeared. We did not need a single coffee for three days! Leszek shared great knowledge with us in a very accessible way. Materials, pictures, scenarios - everything prepared and working. Thank you, Leszek Miś! Highly recommend !!!”

ING Tech

Thank you for a DEMO access. In general, the PurpleLABS environment delivers many different possibilities. The lab scenarios are in step by step style so it's very nice to go through them and gain advanced knowledge from red and blue scope. It's definitely a unique product in the market, dedicated for Purple teams. I evaluate it as 9/10 after the first contact with the product.

Participant of Blackhat 2019

“One of the best security exfiltration training so far! Lots of fun & learning! If you want to learn how hackers think and what kind of tooling they use - this is it!”

Participant of Hack In The Box Singapore 2020

Leszek is very knowledge in the topics covered in the course. He also shares real life scenario which were useful for participant to better understand application of material presented. Contents were very good, it covers many leading open source project which i find it useful. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.