Defensive Security

Training Workshops - online / onsite

In & Out - Network Exfiltration and Post-Exploitation Techniques - RED Edition

This training class has been designed to present students modern, emerging tools and techniques available for network data exfiltration, testing and bypassing DLP/IDS/IPS/FW systems, protocol tunneling, hiding, pivoting and generating malicious network events.

In & Out - Detection of Network Exfiltration and Post-Exploitation Techniques - BLUE Edition

The main goal of this training is to achieve better detection of post-exploitation activities and more effective incident handling, thus allowing to reduce the number of false positives in the SOC environment. Highly technical content and only a hands-on practical approach guaranteed.

Open Source Defensive Security - The Trinity of Tactics for Defenders

Advanced IT Security workshop dedicated to IT professionals in mind who need to close the gaps within Web, Linux & Network Security knowledge (A Trinity of Tactics). Very extensive and up to date training content with a focus especially on blue vs red team actions.