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SECURE Conference 2019 - small summary

- By Leszek Miś

SECURE Conference is one of the most important IT Security events in the calendar of polish *Cyber Security* conferences. As it appears on the web page, it's organized by NASK and CERT Polska operating within the structure of NASK. As a founder of Defensive Security I am proud to say that during the latest 2019 edition of the conference, we had a pleasure to deliver a free, 4-hour SECURE Hands-on workshop about network adversary simulations based on ATT&CK Framework.

We received very positive feedback from participants representing the financial, public, energy and private sectors. Thank you very much for all your positive energy - fortunately with no exception :) However, this is not all. On the first day of the conference, I had also the opportunity to give a talk - APT for Everyone - Adversary Simulations based on the ATT&CK framework. It was a shorter version of the workshop preso - and even it was the last slot of the day I can't say that the room was empty - quite the opposite and again the reviews surprised me so positively. Anyway, slides and a few pictures are attached. Thank you all once again, especially organizers, old friends, and new friends and see you next time!

Slides - Secure 2019 - APT for Everyone - Adversary Simulations based on ATT&CK Framework